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Hello and thank you for your interest in my homepage.

Modern ENT medicine is very relevant and can contribute in a multitude of ways to improve your health. Success is only possible if doctors and patients work together closely. For this, a mutual communication basis is necessary for both parties which I try to provide with this web site, so you, the patient, can make informed decisions regarding your individual problems.

The kind of good health care that you should insist on takes time; time to talk, time for examination and treatment, time to recover. The best possible medical treatment saves time by employing specific and directed diagnoses, faster healing processes, less complications. In many cases, we can prolong your life by improving your health.

Time is money, as well. Good health care is not expensive, bad health care is unaffordable. Some diagnostic measures and some treatments may not be covered by the national or private health insurances; these, we would discuss with you in advance.

The information on this web site is designed to introduce a fascinating medical field to you, a specialist area dealing with our immunology defence system, sleep-related problems and sensoneurotic afferences.

Dr. Kay Rohmann