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Sleep medicine
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Consultation hour for your immunologic defence system

The mouth is the source for communication and the sensor for taste. This is because speech and nutrition goes into our bodies via the mouth and throat. In addition, the mouth with its tonsils and adenoid forms a specific defence structure.

Since 1993, one of our specialities has been diagnosing and treating problems of snoring and sleep related breathing disturbances. Snoring leads to hypertension and, untreated, constitutes the main risk for heart attack and brain stroke. Poor blood oxygenation results in oxidative stress and advances arteriosclerosis.

Diagnosing snoring and sleep related breathing disturbances through polysomnografie (recording at night) and, if necessary, surgical treatment of the problems, is not a luxury but a necessity.

Snoring and sleep disorders means an essential restriction even in childrens health and is often caused by hyperplastic adenoids and tonsils. An early diagnosis and treatment means normal physical growth and less infections for your child.